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Alpinestars T-GP R V3 DryStar Waterproof Motorcycle Motorbike Bike Jacket Black

Alpinestars T-GP R V3 DryStar Waterproof Motorcycle Motorbike Bike Jacket Black
Alpinestars T-GP R V3 DryStar Waterproof Motorcycle Motorbike Bike Jacket Black

Alpinestars T-GP R V3 DryStar Waterproof Motorcycle Motorbike Bike Jacket Black    Alpinestars T-GP R V3 DryStar Waterproof Motorcycle Motorbike Bike Jacket Black
Alpinestars T-GP R V3 DryStar Waterproof Motorcycle Motorbike Bike Jacket Black. The T-GP R V3 Drystar® Jacket is a race-derived waterproof sport textile jacket made with advanced stretch materials and features a 3D tailored sport silhouette and refined detailing. The silhouette is made with a new pattern giving the jacket a real leather jacket look, supported by the race derived extended elbow armour. The jacket provides unrivaled comfort and freedom of movement through the extensive use of stretch.

More than half of the jacket is made with strategically placed tech stretch and stretch softshell materials, while the remainder is constructed from a blend of 450D and 600D polyfabric for reinforcement. When it comes to protection, DFS external sliders and Nucleon Flex Plus Level 1 armour protect the rider's shoulders with GP-R Lite extended armor on the elbows and forearms.

The lightweight and waterproof T-GP R V3 Drystar® Jacket provides breathable performance with versatile climate management. For additional climate management, the jacket has a removable stretch thermal liner featuring a mix of 100g PrimaLoft® insulation on the torso and 80g insulation on the arms, which works in combination with the zippered direct opening vents on the rider's sides and hidden laser perforation on the rider's back.

The detachable thermal jacket also features an optimal new tech layer wrist attachment with a 360-degree Velcro system and soft velour on the inner wrist. Race-derived sport textile jacket with 3D-tailored sport silhouette with modernised look. GP-R Lite extended elbow armour on elbows and forearms with pre-curved 3D race fit offers extended impact protection and natural, pre-curved riding position comfort. Direct opening vents positioned on the sides of the jacket for optimised airflow when opened and overall climate management. Direct ventilation opening with laser perforation exhaust at the back for climate management.

New optimal tech layer wrist attachment with 360° hook and loop system around the thermal wrist layer, with inner wrist made of soft velour, and stretch panel on cuff for comfort. Detachable thermal jacket with 60% recycled PrimaLoft® 100g provides insulation from the cold. Chest pad and back compartments designed to accommodate the Nucleon chest and standard sized as well as long back protector inserts (available as accessory upgrades). Two zippered hand pockets and front inner waterproof pocket.

Waist connection zipper allows attachment to Alpinestars riding pants. Printed logos and reflective details.

Low profile collar construction with 3D textured microfibre comfort fabric on inner collar lining and cuffs. Drystar® waterproof and breathable membrane keeps riders dry and provides improved breathability. Advanced stretch materials including tech stretch and stretch softshell provide increased flexibility, freedom of movement, and premium comfort. Dynamic Friction Shield (DFS) shoulder kit with Nucleon Flex Plus shoulder armour for impact protection, friction control, and movement comfort.

CE Certified Category II EN 17092-4:2020 Class A. CE Level 1 Category II EN 1621-1:2012 Nucleon Flex Plus shoulder armour. CE Level 1 Category II EN 1621-1:2012 GP-R Lite Elbow armour. RaceLeathers Motorcycle Clothing prides itself on supplying stuff.

Stuff for people who want stuff. Not just any old stuff but cool and useful motorbikey stuff. Stuff like helmets and jackets and pants and gloves and.... The very stuff that can make the difference between dusting yourself off and wondering how to get those scuffs off your bike or going off to the hospital to have some not so very nice stuff done to your throbbing sore bits. The stuff (bought cheaply but new on a very tight budget) finally arrived. Ok, and that was it, nothing special and kinda.....

He raised one eyebrow, scratched his chin and thought to himself I'm sure that if I tried then I could do this.. So off he went with a spark in his eye and a mission to fulfil. The stocks of stuff grew and grew in size until the place was stuffed. RaceLeathers now encompasses the whole of the ground floor of Britannia Mill an old weaving mill, a welcoming building full of character with stone floors and wooden beams amongst other stuff.

Today, RaceLeathers supplies motorcycle related stuff all around the world from Iceland to the depths of Australia and anywhere in-between. The stuff we supply is from quality, well known established brands which have vast experience in the motorcycle industry ensuring you that all the stuff you see has been well thought out with functionality, safety and value in mind. We pride ourselves on being very approachable with good advice about stuff always offered if required.

You will always be made to feel welcome, never hurried, never pressured. We don't go out of our way to sell stuff, we give advice and provide options to help you get the right stuff for your needs and should you ever feel otherwise you can always to tell us to "get stuffed".

Your safety is our priority. This means that a replacement product cannot be sent out so soon either.

Our courier sends emails to all our customers on our behalf to let you know that the item is on its way to you. It is not in the drivers best interest to not leave a card because they only get paid on sucessful deliveries. The couriers will try to deliver twice and after that you will be expected to collect the item from the depot. Should this happen you will be required to take some proof of ID with you or the parcel cannot be handed over.

If we don't know, we can't help. In all cases please note. Please don't assume that if a product shows 48 hour courier that you will have the item within 48 hours.

Want to feel the weight of that special helmet? Need to know measurements of an item? Are you torn between 2 or more items and need assistance deciding which? Parking is available on street or in the car park at the rear of the building. Add our store to favorites to get all the latest trend updates and promotional offers.
Alpinestars T-GP R V3 DryStar Waterproof Motorcycle Motorbike Bike Jacket Black    Alpinestars T-GP R V3 DryStar Waterproof Motorcycle Motorbike Bike Jacket Black